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Rock’n’roll is still missing from the ElMo

A recent article suggests that the El Mocambo will be reopening soon. Too bad it does nothing for the local music scene it used to be an important part of .

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Secret Wars

Last night I got to see a band with a few friends play for the first time. They’ve been together a few years now… and playing a few shows. That coincides with the shitty reno time-frame and is why it’s my first time seeing them.

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Toronto Comic Arts Festival (of rain)

As seems to always be the case, it was raining on TCAF weekend. What was new this year, was my wife being available to come with me… except she only came long enough to make an appearance.. That’s what happens when you’re trying to finish up your PhD thesis revisions so you can defend in a month. That has since been very sensibly (and also by necessity because there was no external examiner) postponed to later in the summer.

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