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Questions about Reaper

I’ve been a pretty vocal supporter of Reaper Miniatures since I discovered them a few years ago, and unfortunately, one of their employees said some offensive things online recently (it’s hard to tell exactly when, things were edited). I’ve been struggling with this for a few days, and unfortunately I don’t think I’m articulating my concern well. It doesn’t help that people seem to have moved on since the news was revealed and any attempt at discussion either gets ignored or shouted down.  Continue reading


Shadows & Specters WIP 1

I’ve got a few of these miniatures from Reaper – 2 translucent purple ones, and one pewter one. I had all 3 out, so I decided to paint them up. I’ve finished one purple mini (seen here with the other one, untouched). You can see the progress behind the cut.

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Women in Horror Tribute WIP 1

I think I mentioned my plan to do a tribute to Caitlin R. Kiernan for Women in Horror Month some time ago? If not, I’m going to be painting a few minis and making up a diorama inspired by her story, The Fish Bride. I don’t think I’ll finish during February but I’ll try. Continue reading

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Christmas traditions

Here are the final photos of the slippers, and the other orc minis I painted at the same time. For the first post and to learn more about this family tradition go here.

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Christmas traditions WIP 3

First post here. Things are done, but I want to stretch out my miniature painting posts, because let’s face… it’s not for everyone. If you like following the step-by-step painting process, then click to

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Frostgrave Warband

Way back in August I started a Frostgrave warband using minis I had recently received from a Harwood Hobbies Kickstarter. I finished them, and a second warband of Orcs so I could play against someone who wasn’t familiar with the game, but I never posted the final photos.

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Christmas traditions WIP 2

If you haven’t seen the original post, go back a post (or click here) to find out more. I’m actually almost done – but painting, photographing, and then getting those photos on here takes a bit of time.

Warning: This post is picture heavy.

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Christmas traditions WIP 1

My in-laws have a tradition of passing off a joke gift to all the male adults. Someone (it’s forgotten who originally was gifted with the slippers) got a pair of knitted size 14 slippers (my in-laws are all over 6’5, I’m the short one at 6’2) in white, orange, and green wool. They are U-G-L-Y. This person then added a small change, like a patch, to each slipper and re-gifted it. The tradition continues. Each time someone has to add something to the slippers related to an interest. There’s one more person I can give these to before it becomes random (or someone else marries into the family or comes of age). Continue reading

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