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Time out

Not feeling like engaging much, with the main reason being the insanity to the South and bad election results followed by insanity here. Too much time also spent fixing others mistakes, or situations that should never have existed in the first place. All unpaid labour, of course. But I am reading a new Donald Pulker story… so maybe I’ll be back sooner instead of later.


A quick post while I’m working

Just a quick post while I’m working on gaming, painting, blog posts for my French vacation and my trip to Congres Boreal… and being frustrated that renovations are further delayed and I’m going to be stuck in the suburbs until the fall. Ending tomorrow (May 15) afternoon (EST) is the Children of the Fields kickstarter by Crooked Dice games. It’s a good old set of folk horror minis based on the Wicker Man.


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The Weird Women of Winterbourne

The Toronto Indie Horror Fest shared an Indiegogo link that caught my eye one day (the Winterbourne series that I’ve previously mentioned). I was curious to find out more about the creators and how they came to be doing a web-series adaptation of Robert W. Chambers, and they were gracious enough to meet with me.  What follows are a few of the questions I asked over an hour’s conversation and their answers. The following may contain some mild spoilers. You can also see a theatre screening (probably the only time) on Thursday April 12. Continue reading

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Back to nature

Today’s weather aside, because it was sunny and snowing in between cloudy skies, I’ve been doing a little walking in the park nearby.

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Just a quick hello

Because I’ve been living with my in-laws and working for a week and there’s really nothing new to talk about. Except maybe how awesome the lunch room is. My new schedule is 7:30 – 4, except game days when I get back home at midnight (damn 90 minute commute into town and 2 hours back, because 20$ a day is too much for Go Transit).

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December Recap

It was a miserable month, during a miserable year, so I don’t have much to say. Continue reading

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Cats vs Stress

A few quick cat pics while I deal with unnecessary stress.

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Quick Signal Boost: Augur Magazine

I’m in the middle of transcribing a conversation I had earlier this week with the Director and Head Writer of the Winterbourne series (which I hope to post about next week), and noticed that Augur Magazine’s Kickstarter expires in 35 hours!

They’ve managed to secure funding for their first 2 years, but if you want to get-in on a subscription, now’s a good time. There’s a free sample issue available if you’re interested.

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Tasseomancy and a ruiner of reputations

Friday our Syrian family decided to make a big feast to thank all their sponsors. It’s been about a six months since they arrived. Not everyone could attend, which is too bad, because it was a lot of fun and the food was AMAZING. Continue reading

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