Alexis F.M. Alexander is a reader. Mostly of dark fiction (Fantasy, Horror, and the Weird) and comics, but really he’ll read anything good. He loves the small presses, and many of his past work experiences have been in the publishing industry.

He is also theoretically a writer, as long as he can extract over a decade’s worth of stories that have been churning about his head and occupying his thoughts.

He no longer thinks about getting drunk enough to get on stage and hit drums in front of people.

You can expect at some point to read about the books he’s been reading, learning to paint miniatures, and maybe some short reviews.

He spends the rest of his time outside of work trying to balance cooking duties with his wife, finding time to listen to records, chasing work-related stress with alcoholic cider, and taking care of the most neurotic cat he’s ever lived with.




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