Terrain boards

After a big clean in June that resulted in a spare IKEA picture frame backing, I finally decided to try my Greenstuff World textured rolling pins (Dutch brick and cobblestones). Now in September  I’ve decided to build more. More pics after the jump.

Paved cemetery layout

So I won’t show you the entire process for the first board, but enough if you want to make your own.

IKEA Ribba Frame 16×20   
Cobblestone streets
The blocks were rolled in brick
I applied silicone tile grout to the seams after the glue was all dry
First I coated everything in a black paint + modgepodge mix then drybrushed various colours to differentiate areas

The last step was a few washes of brown and dark grey to muddy things up. Should do for 19th century onwards without looking weird.

Here’s my September builds: an old Group of Seven poster that was going to be dropped off for thrift (city block and park), and a spare bit of thick chipboard rescued from the inlaws (park to connect my original board and make for 2 full boards).  The goal was modularity,  and I can now do a 40×30 build side by side or a 60×20 build end to end. I can also have a centre park or a park surrounding a section of city, or consecutive streets and blocks like a garden city approximation.

Sample 40×30 layout after gluing pieces
Modgpodge and paint base coat
Painting the areas that were going to be flocked brown
Matching paint jobs. Not bad after 2 months with no notes to rely on
Boards of a feather flock together
Glue drying

Stay tuned for a follow up post when I actually set stuff up. Sometime this month, maybe? I still need to coat everything again with a cost of modgepodge. I want things durable and sealed.

So far not liking this blocks layout. Just gave me a shit ton of extra work re-doing stuff. May be good for lots, or even most users, but it sure doesn’t work for me.

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