December 2019 recap

I thought I had a draft… I do not. It will be hard to recreate 9 months later. Many things we said we’d do around the house during my wife’s break didn’t happen.

We did some fun things like going to the aquarium. I’m posting a few pics, because It’s 6 months into COVID here, and maybe people need some vicarious fun. It was my first, and likely only, trip. I did enjoy it, however.

My father visited. I couldn’t find the cellphone so didn’t enable Whatsapp for web. Everything took so long so the account was de-authorized, and we’ve given up. They really don’t make it easy to use when one person doesn’t have a smartphone.
We had the roof repaired finally, but the contractor who was supposed to repair our porch didn’t. He was completely unclear that he would try to fit us in and the other person wasn’t working until spring.
I applied for a job I really wanted around the corner and didn’t get it. I completely blew the interview, because it happened right after I and kiddo got a bad flu, then my wife’s cold. It would’ve meant working through the beginning of COVID, but is also discouraging, because rarely do I have so perfect a match of training and experience, and past excellent performance means/t nothing. It also might have only JUST covered the cost of daycare. Maybe. Daycare is freaking expensive.

I received some molds from 4bot industries. I accidentally got the wrong size for some cavern walls, but other stuff should be fine. Cave floors, cave walls, and a few stackable pieces

I painted my Dwarven Forge terrain (cave cliff pack, stone banks, stairway to violence, natural bridge, and a few extras).


Got back from trip to Calgary for sister in law’s wedding. Kiddo was surprisingly well behaved and slept in a darkened bridal room during the dinner/ reception, and woke up just long enough for a drive home and went back to sleep.

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