November Recap


I got quite a few things this month, but it  was mostly defined by two trips – one I missed, and another for a wedding. Stuff I got includes

Books from Silvia Moreno-Garcia

Signal To Noise, Swords & Mythos, Cthulhu’s Daughters/She Walks in Shadows (I got both, not realizing they were the same book with different title/cover, so one is now a “read and pass it on” community book.

Andrew Wilmot – The Death Scene Artist

Augur – issues 1/1 and 1/3 in print.

Texture patches from my Dwarven Forge kickstarter order

Ghoul Island Act 1

The Chizine news broke out and got worse (when people revealed their abuse stories), and worse (when I learned that there was lots of gaslighting about these stories).

I discovered that a lot of musical equipment got damaged  and will cost some money to repair. Not enough to make it not worth it, but also more losses from this stupid renovation.

I missed a trip to Halifax because in the rush of leaving at 430 am I forgot to grab my CPAP, and there were no flights available until the next day. If I went home to try and grab stuff and missed the flight, my wife would have been at a conference with a baby and no baby-sitting (me). So the baby and me stayed home for a week. A very tough week full of teething.

We also went to Calgary for a wedding. That went better, though apparently they don’t plow roads? We had to stay an extra day because of weather delays (boarding a plane and finding out you have to get off because of a 3 hour delay – if nothing else goes wrong – is not cool when traveling with a baby.

Fabric sales are crazy. 40$ for a ton of fabric that would’ve cost hundreds of dollars new?

All the episodes of the 2019 Outer Dark Symposium are up.



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