October Recap

The house continues to be a nightmare

Final inspection failed because we didn’t have plumbing (not part of the contract and we weren’t made aware it was going to be an issue) and the electrical contractor threw out instructions for the smoke detector (despite the document saying “DO NOT THROW THIS OUT”) and nobody could figure out how to test it. Not much has happened since. The roof has been messed but insurance took forever, and the weather has slowed things down. We did discover some information on how to protect ourselves from injury liability. And we got as much plumbing as we could get done considering the contractors installed the incorrect shut-off valves and haven’t fixed that yet.

I painted a lot of minis, but didn’t finish much. Reaper Bonesylvanians (Tish, Van, Max, Gus), Gulper (giant catfish) and rowboat from the Dreadmere setting, the steampunk Wizard of Oz lion (who looks like Hellboy if painted like I did), Wizkids shark as a whale shark, and small cannons. I’m planning on building sprit sails for them that will be plug & play if I want to add them

We went to the ROM weekly. The big touring exhibit is that Metallica guitarist’s poster collection. I prefer the paintings used for cover art though they’re all much smaller than I expected.

I’ve been binging the Return Home podcast, which I’m enjoying despite it being intentionally more humorous than many I’ve enjoyed. Other new ones I’ve listened to this fall (and forgot to mention) include Station Blue, Weird Studies, Leviathan, The Hidden People.

No much happened other than ROM trips, a dad visit for his birthday, and a trip to the AGO to see Rubens, using reciprocal entry to go to the Gardiner Museum to see a food culture exhibit that didn’t do much for me, and the Trinity College book sale, where I missed out on one book, but got a few fun books for 5$ Fantastic Worlds, and 100 Hair-Raising Little Horror Stories.

I attended a pro Trans lives read-in at the Toronto Library where I read Larissa Glasser’s story Rituals of Gorgons and some Caitlin R. Kiernan before I had to leave.

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