September Recap

Are you tired of not much happening? Me too. September was a question of adjusting to having solo care of a baby during the day as my partner went back to work.

Somehow I thought I already posted this, but apparently not. It’s been sitting for 6 weeks, waiting for me to notice.

Parenting solo is a lot more work than anticipated. The big adjustment was changing to one nap, so now everything has to get done from about 12-3. It feels way more stressful, because that includes tidying from 2 meals (with a quick clean after breakfast), bathing, whatever urgent stuff needs attending re the house, and whatever downtime I can find for myself. Usually not enough to paint anything, or read. The good news is discovering a Peanut will handle some childcare on his own. The bad news, is I have to be at the gym for it, and either I am working out, or reading and having a coffee in the cafeteria. Shout out to all the single moms, because holy crap, that’s a lot of thankless work.

I painted some minis (mostly Cthulhu stuff, but haven’t finished due to time constraints).

I tried painting some foam experiments with a base of modgepodge and craft paint, but it was too thin. I tried making some into ice terrain, and it turned into unicorn poop. Gorgeous, but not so usable. That needs a bit of white paint, which might make it ok.

I did get some gaming with the new season 9 of AL – starting an online campaign of Baldur’s Gate: Descent into Avernus. Definitely not what I expected.

We tried to go to Word on the Street, but the TTC app gave wrong directions, it was hot, and by the time we’d already been walking 30 minutes we were ready to go home. It was super convenient at Queen’s Park, and I haven’t managed to make it once since it moved down to the harbour.

Other things included attending the climate march and protest, a walk in High Park, and a trip to the AGO to see the Infinity Room.

The house got SOME attention, but not really much. We had 3 tradespeople paraded through to finish work. One person got called away to another job, another person had health problems, and the 3rd one starts next week (2nd week of October) supposedly? They opened the wall (finally, 3 months after being notified of a leak) and discovered the waterproofing was fine, but likely they didn’t reconnect stuff properly to drains, which will force us to redo stuff we were hoping to do a few years down the road. They also left water in the sump pump for 3 weeks without doing anything about it. Tell me again why contractors aren’t thoroughly regulated?

We got some shelving up

There was also a delivery of Simon Stranzas – Black Bequeathments from the returned Dim Shores.  There appear to be copies remaining.

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