August recap

I got some gaming stuff.

My Cthulhu for 5e kickstarter

back row

byakhee,polyp, migo, ghouls (5),

Row 3

Mythos satyr, undead, brain cylinder, deep ones(2), dimensional shambler, elder thing,

Row 2

ghast, gnorri(2),great race of yith, servitor of the outer gods(2)

Front row

Shantak, zoog (2), Moonbeast.

An order from Green Stuff World

Kickstarter minis from Harwood Hobbies and Ana Polanczuk

Crooked Dice Pulp Heroes Kickstarter

Terrain stuff from the FLGS

I experimented with expanding foam insulation. Will be sealing and flocking in September. 1 can equal about 1.5 ft x 2 ft in surface about 1 inch deep (a few pieces deeper).

We had a big party for the peanut with my dad coming from out of town.

Did some outdoor stuff at the Rosedale ravine.

No gaming this month, no mini painting/terrain building since the beginning of May except for the 31st. Mostly just trying to do some fun stuff, take care of baby, try to get organized when he’s sleeping.

Fun stuff included the hike above and the 50th anniversary of the Science Centre and their Summer of Space program. Highlight of that was the peanut freaking out over an interactive floor projection. Most stuff he just wasn’t big enough for.

We also went to StormCrow Manor for dinner and drinks with friends. We had a fun time. I won’t be doing random food or drinks, as fun as it might be, because of the various dietary restrictions.

I also built a star projection kit. It’s a huge hassle, and there’s tons of light leakage. Definitely needs larger holes, and to be glued (except at the poles so you can still reverse it).

Organizing meant installing more shelves and trying to get rid of things. But it’s difficult. I have to balance the choice between disposing of things for space and holding out for any value. There’s minimal space for sorting things that have been in storage for a decade. I did find a file of work correspondence my mother kept. It was interesting seeing the BS she dealt with as an adjunct, and how much purchasing power has eroded in 40 years.

Complaint stuff happened with the renovations – we might get most of our money back, but they actually need to do something for it to not be more empty promises. It shouldn’t take this. Completion date is still unknown, even though they estimate 5% left. We then need to do finishing stuff so we can actually use the space for more than a litter box/ storage. Who knows though because the contractors still have the porch contract we cancelled according to their terms on the books.

My partner goes back to work this week. Things are total chaos and so much of my stuff is still at my in-laws because of lack of usable space. I don’t know if anyone who hasn’t undergone this type of situation would understand, but I feel like my whole world has been upended for years now. The lack of options and consequences is frustrating.

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