July recap

I moved home despite renos still not being finished.

I also went to Calgary to visit my sister in law who just moved there. This was my first visit since the mid 80s. We were in the Sundance neighbourhood – a 20+ year old community built around a man-made lake (also kinda weird, only locals can have a membership to visit the lake/beach). The rabbits in the area are huge, and I witnessed my first summer hale storm (blew in and out in minutes). The streets all had names with “sun” in them. Everything was in a loop which could get confusing (Sundown and Sundown). Someone explained the dementia-related term, which makes the planning a little ironic. Also amusing was that the “sundown” cluster of streets were surrounded by names like Sun Valley. Like it was a ghetto for monsters surrounded on all sides by light. Weird

Family just moved into their new house so we were helping to set up. Other touristy things included driving to Canmore in the rain (and not hiking, but walking around town and having a nice dinner at some fancy brew pub) , going to the Bell Centre and seeing a live organ demonstration (used for a theatre), and going to the big public library that looks like a generation ship (includes playground, mental health area, and cafe).

Here’s a few pics of Canmore and the rest of the trip.

After getting back into town we picked the cats up from boarding.

I got some gaming supplies:

The Crooked Dice Pulp kickstarter I got a set of pulp heroes (and the terrain stretch goals – gold idol,  falcon, ark, jewel, etc.)

I got some terrain supplies from Woodland Scenics

And some farm animals from Warlord Games

Before heading out on our trip, the peanut and me went to see that touring pulp sci-fi and horror movie poster collection. Unlike the Guillermo Del Toro exhibit, this wasn’t better than seeing everything in a book. The kid did enjoy the hands on stuff at the ROM though.

Not much else has happened as we returned to get organized while contractors continue not to show up and finish while they prioritize other stuff.

I saw Midsommar with some friends. We all found it a disturbing experience that we didn’t really enjoy at the time, but appreciated it more after getting some distance and reading some articles and interviews. I don’t need to see it again though.

I found out that cutting down on my sugar intake (I used to inhale Twizzlers and UK Wine Gums, and drink too much soda on game nights) and using Intuitive Eating techniques to eat better resulted in a loss of 30 lbs since January. I’m stunned. I wasn’t trying to lose weight, but hey sometimes there’s really obvious ways to get healthy and the weight loss is a side effect.

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