May recap

The original post was lost to computer complications and time, here’s my best guess after a few months of stress.

I found childhood art:

20190520_1629535187029328888017047.jpg 20190520_1629262193873681453121918.jpg 20190520_1624152218204869406913675.jpg 20190520_1615256552648425089815254.jpg

I went to the Chi Series summer launch and took a picture of the mini with Gemma Files holding it (rushed and in the dark, so nobody gets to see it). I also got Brent Hayward’s story collection Broken Sun, Broken Moon.

Other books include

Thinking Horror vol 2

Drew Hayden Taylor – The Night Wanderer

Went to TCAF and it rained…

There were some baby unfriendly moments – lack of any change tables for one – but we got lots of stuff. I missed a bunch of people I knew though.



Scott A Ford – Arkland

Courtney Loberg – My Favourite Girl That I Never See

Jess Sheridan art

Allison O’Toole – Momento Mori

Kelly Bastow – Wax & Wane

Wayward Sisters

A Girl Called Echo 1 & 2

We went to a bunch of parks:

Lake aquitaine, where the Peanut had his first “I want the thing” meltdown over a swing.

20190519_1417366156011002761203810.jpg 20190519_14171547403709681221112.jpg

Rattray Marsh was a revelation, and beautiful, even though some paths were closed due to flooding.

20190527_1304087419409005362641454.jpg 20190527_1316056631836610553078016.jpg 20190527_1331591360711596148493388.jpg 20190527_1316501592567084735783472.jpg

And a trip to the ROM with friends to look at some pretty rocks.

20190526_1342448048632219581354362.jpg 20190526_1345498931082553156709895.jpg

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