Another reminder to back up your hard drive frequently

Yesterday my laptop died all of a sudden. Luckily I am in a position to replace it, but discovering all the files I hadn’t backed up in the past week has been disappointing.

Gone is all the preliminary research I’d done for something I had hoped to submit to Thinking Horror Volume 3. That’s mostly notes of articles and books to read, websites I had saved for future review, and what could be had at the library. Not sure it’s critical, but will be a lot of time to repeat.

Gone are the D&D characters I had been playing online (and their logs), which is only annoying because organized play requires that and I don’t have a paper backup either.

I also noticed a few other things that might take a while to redo but aren’t super important. All in all I was pretty lucky – which is clearly why the Raptors won the NBA championship during the 7 hours I was trying to get my computer set up (I’m not done yet).  I was able to watch all of the game (but not join in the party, thanks to those useless contractors).

Currently I’m trying to get stuff off my old external hard drive, get it organized, and backed up further. I might even be able to do hard drive recovery for some of those files I lost. The hardest part may be if I’m unable to reinstall my old Adobe cs 5.5 and replacement options are causing me more grief than they’re worth.

A friend has survived major surgery a week ago and is celebrating 14 years since she was told she had 10 years to live. Perspective.

And my sleep deprivation has turned into a Muppet musical with improvised lyrics about going for walks with babies. Teething distraction success. The end of the world is 20 years away, but not today…

Anyway, don’t forget to back things up. It’s always a surprise how much addressing a computer problem steals your time from things you’d rather be doing.

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