April Recap

I’m in France for my aunt’s 80th birthday…

I got a bunch of stuff:

The Outer Dark Symposium rewards

A program book, and the out-of-print Dunham’s Manor chapbook Of Parallel and Parcel included in her collection Calls for Submission).

My Going Native Kickstarter rewards – just pack animals – dogs and llamas thiis time.

Bones 4 rewards – including Dreadmere expansion, some kobolds, a giant barge, some mythos stuff (Nyarlathotep) and a ton of villagers and mundane animals (alligator, boar, crab). The big change this year is that things are often on sprues which require assembly. Much slower, and way more annoying. I’m hoping to create a mast and sail to make a plug & play conversion to turn the barge into a sailing ship.

Packing for the vacation has been difficult, because everything gets lost at my inlaws because of their irrational cleaning whenever people come over. They just toss things out of sight without telling you. And then forget because it’ not their stuff. I’ve lost so much here.

I mostly completed the library, so the next post will be the long promised story in May or June (depending on how much cleanup I’m doing for the house.)

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