Exterior stairs

Yes, I’m looking for quick filler posts while I’m away. This one is showing how to build an exterior stair case (for the library).
Yes, I’m looking for small posts while I’m away. I built stairs for my library, and here are the steps I took.

First I drew out a plan

I revised it, and re-revised when I actually cut.

Then I cut out the treads, and a back piece for stability.

If it looks weird, that’s because normally the basement these are for would be partially underground, and so it wouldn’t need to be as high (or look as narrow). They are 10 feet wide in scale.

After that I added a coat of craft paint & Modgepodge. Because I’m doing stone, I used black (thanks, BMC). After that dark grey (and a few extra colours). I add random splotches (thinned with matte acrylic medium) of those colours I added to the grey – usually red, green, blue – and then sponge on some light grey, and drybrush a tan or cream colour on the edges. Maybe a black/brown wash after to tie it all in.

Here’s a photo with the basement walls. It’s a bit shorter than I wanted, but otherwise does the job.

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