March Recap

This is the first time I’ve started a monthly recap roughly in time (March 31) but it’s still not getting posted roughly in time. I’m going on vacation Tuesday, so this is the first of my scheduled posts. Peanut continues to be huge – currently wearing 18 month size, though it depends because there is no standard size. He’s generally happy and smiles a lot despite getting teeth. He seems to love nature and tries to grab trees at every opportunity and continues to love books – both for reading and eating.

The renovation continues. Things are happening at regular intervals – we have HVAC, framing, plumbing, a bunch of inspections passed. I can’t wait for things to be over.

We continued to visit the cats weekly, and they seem to be doing well. Moose is scared. We saw him out once on top of the cupboards. He also apparently got scared by one of the staff and jumped off. He was fine. Gigi is super friendly and has been loving the place. Gigi is super patient with Peanut, and he LOVES her. He also loves trees, and tries to touch them at any opportunity, and his Jolly Jumper.

I keep collecting invisible chronic conditions. Much of March has been trying to figure out how to incorporate this new stuff in my prevention/maintenance routine.

I got 2 Molly Tanzer books because of Lazy Fascist Press shutting down.

A Pretty Mouth and Rumbullion

The Conservative Government continues to be sociopathic, incompetent, and corrupt. Giving patronage appointments in education while cutting everything. There are pending crises in education (elementary through post-secondary), healthcare, and transportation. The Premier continues to have a hate-on for Toronto which rejected him as Mayor. You’d think there would be checks and balances that aren’t an election in 4 years.

All my spare time was spent working on the library (I JUST completed the basement, see Women in Horror posts) and my Tuesday gaming.


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