February Recap

I really don’t remember much of what happened. Mostly it was apartment hunting.

Other big things included dealing with stuff related to my mother’s estate. My spare time was occupied by my annual Women in Horror fan art.

I got one book from the resurrected Dim Shores.

Kurt FawverPwdre Ser but didn’t find out until late because I accidentally had it sent to my place instead of my in-laws. And it didn’t get forwarded.


I painted a mini Gemma Files mini (see dedicated posts). And then continued working on the Carnegie Library I started in January (and which I’m still working on in April). Whenever I’m done there’ll be a final post about that. I might even have a few process posts along the way, but I don’t think I want to post the same photos in 5 different places.

In Peanut news – we sleep trained him. Except for a blip on day 3 where he cried for about an hour in total, he picked things up quickly. He might have cried that much in total over the rest of the 2 week period. We still had to spend that time sleeping on the living room floor. Taking Cara Babies online courses are highly recommended.

I spent a lot of time listening to actual play RPG podcasts (APP). Something I never thought I’d get into. But with my love of audio drama, it makes sense. It all started with Dark Dice, which is run by the same people who do the White Vault. Some of the voice actors also participate and/or guest in a variety of APP that are loosely connected as the Reckless Play Guild (I think only a Facebook Group). In February I binged The Lucky Die and explored a few of the other podcasts, like Dumbgeons & Dragons, and the Call of Cthulhu Mystery Program. Dark Dice, Cthulhu Mystery Program and the Lucky Die feature more than just a straight recording, but are edited with extra sound effects and NPC voice actors. It’s a nice hybrid of audio drama and RPG.

Most of the time was spent apartment hunting to find a place where we could remove the cats from my mother-in-law’s presence, and get a bit of distance. Rent is completely insane, and was out of our budget. I checked with real estate friends, and there was nothing in our budget. Most of what we encountered were real estate agents listing on Kajiji and not pulling outdated listings or responding to inquiries, or total scams. It is both terrifying and frustrating. I can’t imagine having to look for accommodation. I fully expect most of the people I know to be forced out of the city soon. We ended up paying to have the cats boarded. They were a short drive away, had lots of room to roam, and weren’t continuing to make my mother-in-law sick.

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