January recap

Same old same old.

The renovations finally started moving, and we have a floor! It only took 5 months after we paid for it to be poured. We also have further complications and less space due to sloppy stepping of the foundations by the first crew.

We also have to move because of mother in laws COPD but can’t find anything due to cats and short term nature and budget.

I painted about 18 minis this month before stopping. I wanted to get ahead on terrain for my Women in Horror fan art project.

2018 year in review

We had renovations, we had Baz, we had me painting some 250 miniature pieces (terrain included), and me not doing about 75% of the stuff I planned to do due to renovation chaos. A trip to France and my first visit to Congrès Boreal, and an accumulation of unread books. That didn’t warrant its own post, but if people want I’ll post the full list of minis painted.

And to give you an idea of how busy it’s been. I started this in February, and it’s not getting posted until April.

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