December Recap

Same old, same old.

Nothing has effectively happened with the house, you’d think contractors needed some kind of regulation?

I have a 3 week break from gaming – 18th to 8th and had to stop painting for the big Christmas cleanup. We managed to get babysitting and attend the first set of the ChiZine Chiaroscuro Reading Series Christmas Party (Putting the Dick Back in Dickens). Sadly it started late, and with a 1 hour drive home, and needing about as much time to get back to where baby was sleeping, we had time for 1 drink, and 1 Kari Maaren song (about Victorian Christmas Cards, which are trending).

I got 1 book – we had pledged to give no gifts, but my in-laws weren’t having it- Mind of an Octopus. The baby got a TON of good stuff, including a book on French cooking with your kid, and more clothes than we have room for.

I also bought myself some village terrain/dressing.

I painted a bit :

Some more Folklore: The Affliction minis

And I finished the Tablescapes Core set (a big layout photo shoot will have to happen later). I have two 30″×30″ Tupperware crammed full.

And some wizkids barrels

And I entered my first online mini painting contest with a diorama:

“What the Dickens” After walking miles to his library, Cornelius discovered that it wasn’t a copy of A Christmas Carol, but A Songbook of Xmas Carols that he had reserved instead.

I took inspiration from this Frazzeta cover. Creepy 1976

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