November Recap

Lotsa books and a change in contractors

I got the last of my subscription books from Undertow

Simon StrantzasNothing is Everything

Year’s Best Weird Fiction vol 5 (I now have all 5).

and some Gemma Files

Drawn Up From Deep Places


and some Gwendolyn Kiste

The Rust Maidens

And Her Smile Will Untether The Universe

As a household we got a copy of Refuse (see the October recap for a link to donate to the defense for the defamation lawsuit against a variety of people, some of whom have been involved with this book).

The underpin was finally approved… after 3 months. That’s why the contractors replaced the subcontractors, because there’s no way that should be happening.

Now we wait to find out if the work on the sub floor was actually ok, or if it needs to be redone. If the floors can be poured, we might be able to be back in early February, which puts us at over a year for something that was supposed to be 3 months. And getting rid of the College of Trades is good for people how exactly?

Baz is good. He continues to grow (off charts for size and 85% for weight), and sleep. A happy baby, he’s making things easy.

I painted some more Tablescapes terrain. I only have the core set left.

I also painted some of my minis from Folklore: The Game ( I only pledged for minis, as nobody in my circle really plays boardgames).

These are the arcanist, the illusionist, the telepath, the scientist (steam punk), the archaeologist, the courtesan (femme pirate)

These are at about 90% completion.

I gave up (temporarily) on The Trollskull Manor. Gigi was liking the foam too much, which required me to vaccuum after every session. Also, she spilled green ink (playing with a fountain pen cartridge) all over the floorplans I was going to glue. I’d have to redo all that before moving on to the next step. I’d also like to redo certain pieces on the first floor. I’ll just do it later when I’m dealing with less.

1st date night! Went for dinner and to see the movie Widows. Go see it.

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