October Recap

I had started a monthly recap mid-month, and just discovered that you can accidentally save over a previous draft. That’s annoying because I had done a LOT throughout the month, and don’t really remember it anymore.

I watched (and re-watched) the following movies (in addition to my mid-month update)


  • Alchemist’s Cookbook
  • They Remain


  • Cabin in the Woods
  • Sabrina
  • Apostle
  • Bleach
  • ParaNorman

Less than I planned really

A bunch of stuff thanks to AMC’s marathons (Halloween, Halloween H20) and some Friday the 13ths, and other things I made note of at the time but lost through my technical issue. I also missed most of Wynona Earp – only managed to record the last few episodes. Oops.

I did a ton of mini painting and terrain work.

From Freya’s Wrath – One of the Norwegian cats (for Marmaduke in AL season 8 Waterdeep Dragon Heist).

Tablescapes terrain: I painted all the little sets (troll hole, orc warrens, stairs).









I tried to build a fully-playable (with individual levels) Trollskull Manor (location for Dragon Heist) out of foam core for Extra Life, but ran into technical difficulties (it’s pretty ambitious at 15″x12″x12″), but mostly it’s just hard to get sufficient time when you have an infant and want to share in the responsibility. Lately, Gigi just managed to drag ink cartridges all over my grid drawings, which would mean redoing them so I can do the next step. I just don’t have the energy right now.





Gigi had another “eat something dumb then puke everywhere” episode. She seems to have gotten used to the crate, though, and recovered quickly with no medical intervention.

Baz continues to grow (and break my body). I will either get strong or be a pile of crumbled bones in the corner by the end of the year.


I bought Jeffrey Ford’s Twilight Pariah using a gift card. I was done in 24 hours because a physical book is apparently easier than digital for me right now. The reviews aren’t great, and it’s not genius, but I had a lot of fun with it. I’m not sure what people disliked about it.

I got my digital rewards from the Women Up To No Good Kickstarter. Broad Knowledge and Choose Wisely.

I finally read my “Genre Issue” of Canadian Notes and Queries.

I Went outside a lot:

  • To the Crawford Lake Conservation Area where there’s a recreated Iroquois longhouse village. I don’t recall seeing one before, and they are quite impressive in size (20 ft high, 15 ft wide, 40-50 ft long?), and seem like they would be very comfortable to live in (except for the plumbing issue). Will definitely go again. The short boardwalk hike is super neat. Of course I took a ton of pictures, including a nice still life of things surrounding a set of antlers.
  • 20181022_153015733201155265948691.jpg
  • 20181022_1502364293919976489505375.jpg
  • To the Beaches, on an impossibly nice day. Here’s a photo of my wife, battling a sea serpent.
  • 20181010_1445055478935937843214492.jpg
  • And apple picking at, Carl Laidlaw Orchards, where I saw my first salmon run.
  • 20181008_1558188583288085552096157.jpg
  • 20181008_1520468981838142745563031.jpg
  • 20181008_1519216823093233304047658.jpg





My family is crazy about holidays. I will not understand what enjoyment people can find in 4 days of cleaning for 5 hours of visit (25+ people). Baz handled it great, and went to sleep after meeting everyone.

The world seems to have gone insane with fascism.

Also, CanLit is a dumpster fire. Please consider giving to a defamation defense fund while powerful people try to punish people for speaking out. Buy people’s books (or preorder) and support them if you can.

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