October Horror mid-month progress update

Like many of you, I like to watch a bunch of horror movies in October. This is made difficult by my partner not liking horror much (bad with jump scares, AND with sustained tension. She can handle spoilered stuff, though), an infant, and in-laws who don’t like horror. I have to sneak off and watch stuff on my phone, early morning or late at night, or when people are away. Things I have watched so far:


  • Death Bed: The Bed That Eats


  • Shirley Jackson’s The Haunting of Hill House
  • Seven in Heaven
  • Supernatural (my cousin in law threw on a few episodes during a family event)
  • Tbe Lodgers (I’ll have to re-watch this, my experience was so fragmented that I really got nothing out of it.
  • Hold the Dark
  • The Exorcist season 2
  • Malevolent
  • Annihilation
  • The Purge: Election Year
  • Mom & Dad

Things still to watch: Apostle, Sabrina, The Eyes of My Mother, Bleach. Maybe I’ll re-watch a few things too.


My in-laws have cable, so I get to watch current season stuff for once.

Wynona Earp, Z Nation, Supernatural are all set to record.

While there’s a number of movies my partner wants to watch that she’ll have problems with (The Babadook being a prime example), I mostly need to find horror-adjacent movies that she can watch. Getting her to watch Annihilation was a real coup. Unfortunately, we recently watched Monsters vs Aliens, and the Ghostbusters remake, and Rare Exports is part of our Christmas season must watches. I might try some of the Oh My Ghost series on Netflix, as well as some of my DVDs (A Chinese Ghost Story, Mr. Vampire, and things we’ve watched before, like Get Out, Ravenous, or The Guest).

8 movies and 2+ series isn’t bad considering… Feel free to post suggestions in the comments.




6 thoughts on “October Horror mid-month progress update

  1. Was Hold The Dark any good? My wife is the same. She likes walking dead and American horror story but generally she won’t watch any horror movies. Luckily she likes an early night so then it’s my time to watch all the gore hehe.

  2. fmagto says:

    So my memory is TERRIBLE. I started Hold the Dark this morning and never got back to it because baby Baz is having fussy day.

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