Congres Boreal

I’m going to my first Congres Boreal this weekend. My tentative schedule is


10am a panel on the future of books and film or a panel on targeting the English market

11am reading Claude Lalumiere and Alexandra Renwick

130pm A panel on language usage (past and/or present).

230 a panel on the cultural differences between English and French speculative fiction Alain Ducharme (A), Marie Bilodeau, Derek Künsken, Sylvain Neuvel, Olivier Paquet & Patrick Senécal.

330pm Representation and Inclusivity: The Dagenais Test a panel with Geneviève Blouin (A), Luc Dagenais (A), Marie Bilodeau, Talhi Briones & Yves Meynard.


11am Ursula Leguin’s legacy with Josée Lepire (A), Caroline-Isabelle Caron, Élisabeth
Vonarburg & Jo Walton

130pm A panel with Yves Meynard (A), Dave Côté, Alain Ducharme, Éric Gauthier &
Isabelle Lauzon that I have to leave early to catch my flight.

I’m also hoping to catch up with my friend Graham. That has nothing to do with this event, but he lives in Montreal.

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One thought on “Congres Boreal

  1. fmagto says:

    Due to technical difficulties (fog) I’ve been placed on a different flight but there’s still a good chance of cancellation for weather. So we’ll see how that affects things. 2020?

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