April Recap

I went to France!

First time in 5 years. This time Mel and I did touristy stuff, because she was working for most of the last trip. It was wonderful to be able wander around the city on my own that time, but she missed a lot. There’ll be a separate post on that, but I went to a bunch of museums and got the catalogs for a few fun exhibits of symbolist painting).

I also got a book of book covers for my birthday. Nice.

The other main thing was a scare with Gigi when we got back. That took up most of the week with visits to the vet. It coincided with not having a phone due to theft on vacation and having a cancelled credit card (because it was expiring in a week and I hadn’t received the previous one and needed to send one rush). Pretty stressful week, really.

I got some Dunham’s Manor books

Lewis Richmond – The Wisdom of Silenus


And Jayaprakash Satyamurthy – A Volume of Sleep

And some stuff from the Outer Dark Symposium

(David Bowles – Chupacabra Vengeance and Lords of the Earth are still coming separately.)

Rios de la LuzItza

Program Book and Weird Luck Tales are bonus.

2 issues of Brins d’éternité

I’m excited to read the translation of Helen Marshall ‘s The Hanging Game, and Jean-Louis Trudel’ s quick overview of Quebec horror as it relates to werewolf movies.

And some Crooked Dice minis (St Trinian‘s type wild schoolgirls, and female spy mooks) and mdf terrain bits (60s style tape drive computers).

We made beef & bulgur veggie burgers that look a lot like real beef. It’s an Americas Test Kitchen recipe. I won’t share my pics, because the ones I took aren’t any good.

Gaming I played the D&D Open Lost Temples of Lake Luo

An unexpected event was a family outing (with in-laws and sister-in-law) to the musical Come from Away. Someone had discount tickets through work. It was far more enjoyable and compelling than it had any reason to be. I don’t like musicals (big surprise). It helped that it was short – 90 minutes – I could barely handle that in a balcony seat. Looking for clips was weird because of the different casts. The Broadway version looks less worse.

I got tired of the cats spraying litter everywhere so I built a prototype for the basement – 5$ and 1 hour using foamcore and gluing mitred edges. Transferring my gaming terrain skills.

I painted minis:

a demi lich (orange this time), a cultist (red wizard of Thay), and Olivia (female cleric)


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