February Recap

This is MASSIVELY LATE, due to being super busy.

I got some minis

Hasslefree Kev White does Matt Dixon Pinups kickstarter. These are pinups and nudes. Some are ridiculous (chain mail bikinis with too much cleavage), and some more interesting (the frost versions).I am looking forward to getting better at painting skin tones on the nudes, though.

Kobold Press Bestiary Kickstarter. I swear I took a bunch of photos but I can’t find them. Here’s a blemmyes, one of those weird medieval monsters you don’t find easily.

They all came packaged for retail. I got: Deep One Hybrid Priest, Dragonkin Elementalist,Kobold Chieftan,Kobold Alchemist, Malphas, Goblin of the Wasted West,Pack Goblin, Blemmyes, Queen of Witches, Kobold Shaman.

I painted minis – Lots of em

Reaper minis: Victorian, Eldritch Demon, Mariel Twinspar – pirate

Bones camel w/ pack & pack donkey

bones graveyard & Victorians & wiz kids zombies

Better pics later when I figure out how take pictures that actually focus on what I want. My old phone camera was much better.

I DM’d regularly in Mississauga and played in a one-day convention at the same location

I listened to a LOT of audio books from the library while doing data entry. I was far back on the list for many of the women and writers of colour, so I did what I could for my Women in Horror planning. I was overly ambitious, but it certainly made my job much more pleasant. Caitlin R. Kiernan’s The Red Tree surpassed my exceedingly high expectations.

I also ended up listening to lots of episodes of Get Lit With Leza (Cantoral). Highlights include the Molly Tanzer (which inspired the Victorian/Eldritch Demon/Pirate photo), Stephanie Wytovich, Linda Addison, Jessica McHugh, and Rios de la Luz (also a few guys – Brett Savory, Bracken MacLeod & Eric Nunnally). It’s like being the quiet person hanging on the outside of a conversation but who doesn’t have to say anything embarrassing about themselves. But seriously, just listen.

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