Women in Horror 2018

Because timing for everything is so far off what I thought it’d be, I have no idea if I’ll be able to do anything specific to celebrate Women in Horror this year, but I’ll try. Here’s some of what I’m planning for the month, and some creators (and locals) who I think are worth knowing about.

Allie & Lara Make a Horror Movie.  There’s 5 episodes now?!

Winterbourne I hope to finally get my interview with the director and head writer up.

Jovanka Vuckovic – I’m looking forward to seeing Riot Girls at some point.

Last year I was able to attend the Etheria Festival, but I’m not sure what’s happening locally, and not only do I find it difficult to keep on top of downtown events, I tend not to go because it means getting home late and adding 20$ to the cost.

It turns out that I’ll be able to do some reading on Graveyard Shift Sisters, and I’ll also be able to do some watching on Shudder (though I think it’s more re-watching in this case).

Originally I was planning on working on some Gemma Files related mini-painting, but I haven’t had a chance to get a good description of the character I want to do, and find a semi-appropriate mini. I’m also still planning on a Hexslinger series related montage for some of my western minis.

Because Files recently posted an article about the poisonous history of green dye in the Victorian era, and I have a Victorian mini, I’m painting some kind of vague setting involving someone in a green dress, her friends, the zombies they run into (I painted a bunch of zombies recently) while wandering through a cemetery, and a weird larval thing. I’ll post an update on that later, because I’ve just been paintin’ up a storm.

I’m reading a Helen Oyeyemi book (What is Not Yours is Not Yours) from the library during my commute, and hopefully reading the stories written by women in Horrificorama (Geneviève Blouin, Anne-Marie Bouthillier, Ariane Gélinas, Élise Henripin, Isabelle Lauzon). I’m hoping to do a live review (posting reviews in the comments), but we’ll see. I’m already feeling like I’m being overly ambitious.

Finally, you could learn a lot  – and be incredibly entertained – by listening to the episodes of The Outer Dark (must mention producer and author Anya Martin here, and recent episodes with Gwendolyn Kiste, Nadia Bulkin, Sunny Moraine, Selena Chambers), This is Horror (episodes with Kathe Koja, SP Miskowski, Page 2 guests… wow!), and Bizzong (Larissa Glasser was the most recent one, and Betty Rocksteady the first I listened to) featuring women.

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