January Recap

Not much to say, really, but at least the early mornings are pretty.

Here’s the quick version: Moved to in-laws, started job, de-stressed cats, started reading Horrificorama, stopped reading, demo started on renos.

I Discovered mail forwarding doesn’t cover parcels (online application mentions this, paper one doesn’t), which seems weird. It’s mail forwarding, not letter forwarding.

I Figured out some better ways to take suburban transit, but it still requires too much attention so not so much reading. There’s some really basic functionality issues that shouldn’t be a thing (like digital readouts for route info on buses being replaced with a full bus message… so you can’t tell what bus you missed, or maps with no directions so you can’t actually orient things properly, or stops with no route info on them, web schedules updating in real time but no full schedule available to plan, etc.), and bad coordination between routes. Something that would take 10 minutes with a car takes 50 on transit because the route is not direct or you have to make a connection. Luckily my bus into town stops right in front of my work place, and my drop-off gives me a nice 10 minute walk to start my day.

On the plus side, my stopover on the trip from downtown after game night (with 10-30 minute wait) is heated, and has a bathroom!

blog station

My job is tedious, dragging files from one SharePoint directory to another, then tagging them with metadata, so I’m listening to audio books (Disappearance at Devil’s Rock) and podcasts (This is Horror, The Outer Dark, Bizzong). There’s so many good episodes, but I especially appreciated the ones with SP Miskowski (TIH 179-181), Gwendolyn Kiste, (TOD 28), Sunny Moraine (TOD 23), and the BizarroCon recap (TOD 26).

Painted some zombie minis (and a Tabaxi – D&D cat person – monk). I’m still trying to figure out how to use the camera on my new phone.

blog zombies

I had my first month or so with regular cpap (first a borrowed machine, while I waited for insurance to decide what they’d cover, then with one 75% covered by healthcare). Travel devices aren’t covered, and so I decided to pay out of pocket (for a normal device, because travel devices aren’t covered by healthcare either) to preserve the ability to get a replacement (without waiting 5 years for coverage to renew) if anything happens during my trip to France this summer.

Mark E. Smith died, and I got scooped on a post about his weird fiction connections.

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