Going suburban.

After our first week, the family is acclimating nicely.

Moose only hid for a few days, and he stopped stress puking. He IS back to being shelf cat, like when he first lived us, only not exclusively so. Gigi is hanging out in the window my in-laws had put in specifically for the cats (not really, but the timing moved up).

They have both been super messy with the litter.

Sunday I walked 10 minutes to find a better route to work. It’s mostly going to be an issue going home. Mel and I went for a breakfast date, because the strip mall around the corner has a diner that opens at 7am every day. Too bad it’s not early enough for a weekday. Cheap, tasty, and nice enough on the inside.

And we don’t have to drive!

Finally, I did some mini painting. I’m not done, but I worked on some Reaper & WizKids zombies, a Reaper monk I’m painting as a Tabaxi, and a Reaper Beholder I’m painting as a pineapple.

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