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Just a quick hello

Because I’ve been living with my in-laws and working for a week and there’s really nothing new to talk about. Except maybe how awesome the lunch room is. My new schedule is 7:30 – 4, except game days when I get back home at midnight (damn 90 minute commute into town and 2 hours back, because 20$ a day is too much for Go Transit).

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Review: La Legende de McNeil

Jonathan ReynoldsLa Legende de McNeil (The Legend of McNeil) is the first book I read from Quebec publisher Les Six Brumes. It’s also the first story I’ve read by Reynolds and is the start of my French Quebec horror reading. This novella steps in and out of weird territory with some Lovecraftian style rural wizardry (but on a more christian axis), and some unexplained phenomena,  but ultimately is as much about the horrors people perpetrate on each other. Here’s the blurb (in translation):

It all started before old Henry McNeil’s death. He lived here, in that house. That and the barn are all that’s left of the farm. We want to forget what happened, but blood, that takes time to disappear.

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December Recap

It was a miserable month, during a miserable year, so I don’t have much to say. Continue reading

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