All quiet in October

Mostly due to bad weather headaches and packing up a basement full of stuff (mine accumulated over 10 years, my mother’s over 30+years) in anticipation of renovations, I didn’t do much. 

I painted minis:

  • some turtles ( 1 got lost before painting, 1 was lost several times during).
  • A dragon with limited palette (red, a grey/blue, an off-white, and white/black)
  • A few treasure piles, really quick and sloppy.

My only social activity was gaming, including charity fundraising with Extra Life, for Sick Kids Hospital. It was fun, and I won a printed copy of an adventure book (Lost Tales of Myth Drannor) for raising lots of money. That was only 1 day. The rest of the time I DM’d the new season -Tomb of Annihilation- for my regular group while someone was away. We didn’t cover much ground because we’re a little unfocused and I tried to mix in too much hardcover content to set adventures for world-building.

Lots of great episodes at the Outer Dark & This is Horror. Especially happy about the Selena Chambers (Outer Dark, Lovecraft EZine) and Nadia Bulkin content (This is Horror).

Winterbourne totally met their funding! And I’m finding it harder than expected to turn my transcript into something awesome, but it’s coming. Some 360 content arriving on YouTube soon.

I’m worried the cats won’t get along this well in my in-laws basement.

I found a bunch of childhood mask art in the basement (my mom kept everything). 

I’m off to Quebec City this weekend, and then it’s last minute clean-up for a week. Expect another slow month.


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