September Recap – More Weird Than Lost Books Arriving On My Doorstep

This month was mostly about frantically getting ready for renovations. I still have a month to sort through a full basement of stuff that’s been sitting around for 8 years. I did get a few books.

The plan was to get no books, but a few came in anyway.

The NecronomiCon Providence special anthology, which I got because I was unable to attend.

Also, via Gemma Files I got the Yves Tourigny weird fiction coloring book. You can all look forward to photos of how I paint those images.

 Madeleine Ashby‘s –iD Purchased at a Bakka-Phoenix clearance sale. I haven’t read the first book, or Company Town (which I want to read more), but too good a deal for a good read.

Gord Zajac – Major Karnage and the Sharkbots of Atlantis. A chapbook in the world of Major Karnage.

David NickleVolk A sequel to Eutopia. Apparently when Nickle signs books he draws a little cartoon. He suggested my copy was the first he had signed, and this squiggle has something to do with the end.

I SHOULD have received my copy of Looming Low, but a combination of errors led to that being returned to Dim Shores after getting miscategorized as MACHINERY. Hopefully it doesn’t get lost or damaged in the 3 trips it makes.

Coming in under the wire 11:45 Saturday night was stuff that was supposedly lost – a Muzzleland Press order from January, not arrived by August, and declared lost after postal claims. Picked up today. Also two copies of a pre-ordered Caitlin R. Kiernan book.

I also received my Outer Dark t-shirt.

September was a good month for social things.

A bunch of us hung out and ate Syrian food.

I went to the ChiSeries for the first time in a while. I never thought that Ms. Pacman noir would be a thing I’d enjoy, but the readings from a themed anthology were both funny and well-written.

I got to see lots of people I like but don’t often see. I did stuff related to miniatures painting. I got to have a coffee with a couple of the people behind the Winterbourne web-series, and the transcription of that is finished. Hopefully I can post about the conversation in the next few days.

Signal boost:

Winterbourne and 1896 are both crowdfunds worth supporting.

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