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I backed the My Last Sunrise kickstarter from Bad Squiddo Games, and managed to get mail from Wales in 9 days. That’s insanely fast.

I was looking for alternatives after the Reaper incident, and an online store (the primary business) that promotes itself on selling believable female minis seemed like a worthwhile investment. It didn’t hurt to get a few more characters who would fill gaps (including a new werewolf that would allow me to do my Wolfcop conversion) in my collection. For the record, I got: Margaret the vampire hunter, Clara the witch, the Brides, and the werewolf. I may have been missing 1 base (I found it later), but I’ve got more than I need already.

I didn’t bother with photos in my August recap – but here’s all minis (Reaper) that I painted that month. The lizardmen:

And the giant scorpion:

And the elementals (Earth, Water, and Fire):

Last weekend I attended the Sword and Brush painting competition. Apparently this isn’t the first year, though I’ve never noticed it before. I feel more confident in my ability now, though I would need to take more care (and time!) than I normally do, as well as do something special for the basing. It was strange to see all the 54mm or 75mm historical figures and the busts – minis that I ignore because mine are for playing more than display. They are crazy expensive too.

Here are a few on display that caught my eye.

 They’re all much bigger scale than I normally paint, but also more skillfully and carefully painted. There were lots more in my level of ability.

What can I say? I like green skin

This one is just stunning

This is sooo Hyperborean

Signal boost to two crowd funds with nothing to do with miniatures but both sound interesting and worthwhile.

1896 – a movie theatre that focuses on movies directed by women.

Winterbourne – A student webseries based on the King in Yellow. It’s all women creators, though I don’t recognize any of them from ChiSeries.

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