Not Another Wolfcop?

Hell yeah there is! Though I got to see a sneak preview a few weeks ago with my wife, thanks to Fan Expo, I think? Another Wolfcop gets released in theatres in December… maybe? It might depend on where you are. I thought I posted this after it happened, but apparently not, so pardon the delay. The original Wolfcop movie was a funny, yet completely over-the-top and gore-filled story of an alcoholic cop name Lou Garou. It manages to feel both very Canadian without going full hoser, and still visually feel like it could be set somewhere in the Midwest, which I suppose is good for escaping the Canadian indie-horror market. In the movie we learn about the enmity of the werewolves and the shifters (shape shifters), and how Lou comes to be the Wolfcop.

This sequel expands on who or what the shifters are, and also tells us a bit more about lycanthropes (lycans). It starts off with a rogue wolfcop dismembering a bunch of thieves and someone having to clean the mess. Wolfcop is a legend (and marketing ploy of local business Liquor Donuts – supposedly coming to Toronto for real?). A slimey businessman is filming a commercial to sell his new product: chicken milk beer, which is the town’s big economic hope. Yup. While I’ll try not to give any spoilers, things are not subtle, and the audience knows who the villains are pretty quickly. The movie’s much more about the ridiculous mayhem and the fun than the story. There’s nothing like the transformation scene with the penis close-up in the original, but there’s still lots of ridiculous mess (deathly distractions, were-sex, Hanson Brothers styled cheerleaders, hockey, beer, “drug” use, pants-less wolf cock, and vats of fake blood, and somehow tying-in alien abduction lore). This movie drunkenly stumbles a bit more into hoser territory, but shares enough similarities with the legendary Strange Brew to not be the worse for it. Jonathan Cherry’s physical comedy as full-on hoser Willie Higgins works well with Leo Fafard’s more restrained (hungover?) Lou and gleeful Wolfcop, and Amy Matysio’s (now Sheriff) Tina, a competent woman surrounded by buffoons and assholes who keeps it all together.

This is by no means genius, but I don’t care when it’s this much fun. Warning: honorary Canadian (does Degrassi confer this status?) Kevin Smith makes an appearance. There are things to like and hate about this depending on if you area fan. I know several people who aren’t, which is why I’m mentioning it.

At some point I’ll share a photo of the miniatures I chopped up and glued together to make a W mini. Apparently there’s a fair amount of fan art on the website.  You can also find a trailer there to keep you going.


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