August recap

August was a busy month despite not having any vacation. Lots and lots of little things happened. Got things sorted regarding several outstanding orders. Thanks to the folks at Muzzleland Press, Subterranean Press, and The Outer Dark for all the help.

Of course I got new books

Claude Lalumiere – Venera Dreams (read a little about the Toronto stop on the book tour).

Cassandra Khaw – Hammers on Bone (a Gemma Files recommendation).

Dim Shores Books:

Christopher Slatsky – Palladium at Night Super excited about the patches

Cody Goodfellow – The Polite Ones

Gemma Files – We Will All Go Down Together I had a digital copy, but couldn’t resist a used copy.

Adam Nevill – No One Gets Out Alive Again, couldn’t resist the used copy

And digital copies of Kristi DeMeester’s new collection, Everything That’s Underneath, and Shadows and Tall Trees 7, and my outstanding Muzzleland Press order (Jonathan Raab’s Hillbilly Moonshine Massacre, High Strange Horror, Matthew M. Bartlett’s Creeping Waves, Spooklights, Robert Stava’s The Devil’s Engine, Hive by Alex Smith).

Fixing the washer. Neither my wife nor I knew that there was some kind of trap in our washing machine, and it needed to be cleaned out. After 5 years it finally clogged, and the wash wouldn’t go. It was an easy fix thanks to Youtube DIY videos. Someone forgot to clean out their pockets, and in addition to the expected hair and cat fur, there was a couple of dollars in change blocking everything.  The house claimed money and time.

Painting like crazy (12 lizardmen and 3 large elementals), though not as much as last month (30 goblins). I also found one of my missing Zombicide minis that Gigi had stolen to play with. I will finish it off and put it away.

Facing some tough decisions regarding Reaper Miniatures, and how much weight to place on one individual’s words and actions, and how that should affect my business dealings with their employer. Also the reaction of other fans of the company have bothered me. In the end, taking a stand will only hurt me, but that’s kind of the point, right?

D&D conventions – lots of gaming while my wife was out of town.

Anxiously awaiting some WorldCon panel recordings on the Outer Dark and eventually NecronomiCon Providence recordings too.

I completely ignored the comet.

I soaked my phone and went without for a week. It was both more and less stressful than I expected.

Spent a week lazing about because I hurt my knee. That let me watch The Mist and Ozark. Apparently The Mist is getting bad reviews, but two people whose opinions I trust: Gemma Files and David Nickle, both enjoyed it. I also plowed through the Defenders, and Jordskort, and the Valley. Too much TV lately, not enough reading or writing.

At the end of the month, I got the nastiest cat bite I’ve ever gotten when Gigi got into the catnip AND got riled.

Signal Boost:

David Nickle’s Volk is out soon, it’s a sequel to Eutopia.

Joe Pulver fundraising with the Resplendant Troswoman Below 

You can get a bunch of old Dim Shores titles that didn’t get sold at NecronomiCon Providence, and Looming Low is still in preorder stage. It’s a good one.

The film version of Adam Nevill’s The Ritual is playing at TIFF, and I’m going to try to go. I’m already going to a sneak preview of Wolfcop 2.

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