Venera Dreams

Claude Lalumiere‘s Objects of Worship was the first ChiZine title I ever read (I eventually interned there, but not before I read many more of their books), and I’ve tried to read everything he’s done since (I chose Objects… because I had previously read – and loved – an anthology he edited called Montreal Dreams). This past weekend he had a launch event at Toronto’s Bakka Phoenix bookstore for his new book, Venera Dreams: A Weird Entertainment.

It was a short event, with him reading 4 impressions from different character’s viewpoints in 15 minutes. Some characters love the city, some are drawn to it, and others want to run away. It was quite effective as an intro, giving a variety of information about the city, and lots of fun descriptions. More importantly a sample of several stories. Like many of his longer works, it’s a mosaic novel, set in a fictional, slightly (I think?) mystical city based on Venice (and lots of other things). The Q&A was also useful at getting an idea of what the book is all about, and also his process (though I’ve already forgotten – things have been busy lately). I’m looking forward to reading it. It’s published by a new imprint of Guernica Editions that specializes in hard to categorize books.


Claude Lalumiere mid explanation

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Chiaroscuro Reading Series (Toronto) Wednesday August 16th (tomorrow!)

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