Cat pics interlude

I have a couple of interviews coming up – Monday and Wednesday – so cute cats will have to tide you over.

This is a few years old, back when Moose had all his teeth, and wanted to show off his vampire impression.

This goober is obviously Gigi.

Who just yesterday managed to open the chimney flue, climb inside, and shut the way behind her. This happened when everyone was out, but thankfully, it couldn’t have been more than an hour. She wasn’t dirty (thanks, Global Warming), or concerned by the experience – I saw her checking out the fireplace later, before we blocked it off more fully. No photos, though 

Gigi really likes to pose, doesn’t she?

Moose is also known for posing. One day I will share his odalisque.

Sometimes the two cats even get along. I imagine this is the “You can’t catch them birds through the window, only look at them” lesson.

This is all perspective…

But this is the real thing.

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