March Weirdness

No it’s not March Madness here. Due to the fact that a fully completed draft of this post (minus photos) disappeared, this will be shorter and later than planned.

Here are the books I got this month:

Acquisitions Recap:

Dunham’s Manor

Christopher SlatskyFrom a People of a Strange Language. A Play! I read a few lines out loud and my wife laughed a lot. Looking forward to getting the other one by Anya Martin.

Apparently they could use some sales to make up for money lost due to last minute cancellation at NecronomiCon Providence. Also, FYI, the store will eventually be moving away from the Storenvy site to the Lulu one.

Dim Shores

J-H Rosny aine, translated by S. NicolayThe Xipehuz. I’m looking forward to reading this, and comparing it to the original French (if I can find a library copy). Read more about this here. STILL AVAILABLE!

Michael Wehunt The Tired Sounds, Awake (or is it A Wake?). I haven’t read this yet, but I did notice that it seems to be 2 perspectives, identified in the text by the terms in the title (as separated by the comma). I’m curious to see how it all relates back.

Eventually I will be receiving a program and Alistair Rennie‘s BleakWarrior as reward for supporting the Outer Dark Symposium of the Greater Weird.

Stuff I did:

You can read about the Spec Fic Colloquium here, as well as see my haul from the event.

I saw a number of really good to great movies. In order of awesomeness: Get Out, Logan, Kong: Skull Island.
Get Out holds up to repeated viewings in a short span. Just brilliant, and utterly horrifying. Logan was focused and brutal. Kong surprised me, but it had enough action, enough political commentary, and didn’t stay around too long.

I’ve been listening to the audiobook of Brett Savory‘s  A Perfect Machine.  I’m still reading the same stuff as last month, and that’s embarrassing, so that’s all I’ll say.

My friend Simon breaks down more reasons not to watch Iron Fist, this time relating to martial arts.

Dim Shores has a temporary website. Read more about the upcoming anthology Looming Low.

Tonya Liburd has a Patreon.

Whitney French has a free short e-book of afro-futurist spec and sci-fi called Face Full of Atmo. Which is no longer available as of yesterday.  I apologize. I thought I posted this a few days ago. You can sign up for her newsletter at the link to not miss the next one.

Muzzleland Press was giving away free Kindle (don’t forget to go to your country appropriate Amazon) copies of Jonathan Raab’s The Hillbilly Moonshine Massacre. This is now back up to 1$, but still a great deal! They’ve had some great deals, so good to keep an eye on.

Issue #1 of Anathema Magazine is available!

Friend to the blog, Selena Chambers, has her new book Calls for Submission available for pre-order! Also keep an ear out for a reading (from this collection?) on an upcoming episode of the Outer Dark!







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