Women in Horror Tribute WIP 2

This is recap of what I’ve been painting so far (actually through week 2 of February, no I didn’t paint anything during the 13th-19th, though I was busy). For more info about the project, check the first post. Here’s a photo of where I’m at now, with all the steps behind the cut.


First I threw on a coat of light blue paint and medium as a base.It wasn’t blue enough. I threw on another coat, and it was more blue than I intended.


Next I threw on some basic skin tones – tanned skin with pale skin highlights.


I started to get worried, so I tried lining (meh) and painting the cephalopod pink.


I decided to keep things simple, and painted the seaweed, and the hair (witch green… that’s a thing, right?) Things started to look better in my mind at this point, though I was still second-guessing my choice of mini. If I don’t like it, I’ll chop off the hands and put them on the Reaper Strumpet (77086), who has a serious amount of cleavage on which to paint scaly bits. I’m not that skilled, so the extra space is vital. Also it seems that the mini I’m painting currently is further along in her transformation than what’s in the text, and so isn’t the best representation (even if she’s the best that I’ve got).




Yeah, that wash was horrible.

And now we’re back to the first picture, where I picked out 1 of 2 (I don’t know where the other is) starfish and a crab,  added highlights to the hair and to the smock, filled in the eyes, and added a flesh wash to the skin. This picture looks better than the mini in-hand. I’ll need my visor and good brush from here on out, and my laptop handy to look at the excerpted passages while I’m painting. Normally I wouldn’t do much more than this (tabletop quality as they say), but this is a special occasion). I should finish in a few days, and maybe get the diorama part started, though I don’t expect my next post about this to be until mid-march depending on what happens with life.

I might also have managed to work out next year’s mini! Details on that later.

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