Christmas traditions

Here are the final photos of the slippers, and the other orc minis I painted at the same time. For the first post and to learn more about this family tradition go here.

I pulled out the light-box, and there’s a noticeable difference between these photos and the ones along the way. Eventually it would be nice to have it set up all the time. For more process photos, you can go here and here.

First the slippers.











The three orc-migos from the first picture are the ones I’m keeping.



Rogan, half-orc rogue

I’m particularly proud of that magenta shadow on the bases. I happened to watch a little Bob Ross on Netflix since my last post, and that totally inspired it. This was the same colour I used for a wash on the marauder’s armor. The faces are a little rough, but these weren’t supposed to be competition entries.

As part of the same tradition, there’s a secret gift exchange. People draw random numbers, and when their turn comes up, they can choose an item from under the tree, or they can steal a gift that’s been unwrapped by someone else. A gift can only be stolen twice, and a person who has their gift stolen gets another turn. This is mine. Enjoy the next few days!


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