Merry cat photo-mas

Gigi is a cute cat. She’s been really killing it with her poses this past week. Hard to believe she’s been with us for 2 months.

Running water, sinks, tubs, flushing toilets are all wildly fascinating to Gigi.

She’s still exploring EVERYTHING




No old conehead photos for you.

She has a thing for getting under blankets (from which she will attack your toes).

She still loves to play fetch, but due to WordPress timing-out every time I try to upload even a 5-second clip, the proof will have to wait.

She’s still intent on killing her toys


Is this not the face of a determined killer gremlin?

Moose was already keeping the rodents at bay, even though he’s pretty useless as a hunter. He’s a  champion sleeper and eater though.

The uneasy truce between her and Moose is still uneasy, but recently they hung out on the same sofa, and Gigi gave him a bit of a bath. As I was writing this post, I had Moose on my lap, and Gigi sleeping on my right. At first she was too close, and Moose’s nervous tail=twitching had Gigi trying to “touch da fishy,” or better yet, trying to bite it. Restraining her long enough for her to move out of range resulted in 20 peaceful minutes. I have hope for the future.

And because we just got Moose back from the vet, a quick update on him. He’s about 18.5 lbs, up a kg from last year (so he weighed a bit over 16 lbs before), so we’re going to try and get him back there. He’s a big guy and will probably never weigh less than 15 lbs, but he’s definitely moving more since we got Gigi. I’d say she’s been good for him, even if she’s annoying.

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