Christmas traditions WIP 3

First post here. Things are done, but I want to stretch out my miniature painting posts, because let’s face… it’s not for everyone. If you like following the step-by-step painting process, then click to

Looking back, I should’ve painted grey furs. There isn’t enough contrast.

Day 4

Then I applied metallic paints for armor and weapons.
I used a mix of Reaper Scorched Metal and Vallejo Game Color Copper paint on all the spiked plates and dry-brushed Honed Steel on the chain mail. It turns out I had too much copper in the mix, and everything is in the same area of red-brown.

Day 5

First I washed the copper bits with black and then dry-brushed some Honed Steel sporadically over it. Then I took a mix of Ghost White/Ashen Blue/Honed Steel and daubed that on subtly. It  looks like the beginnings of verdigris, and helped a bit.

Somehow I NEVER took pictures of the work I did these last 2 days.

Day 6 11th dec

I got my Mint Green (standard for verdigris) and too heavily dry-brushed that on. I rescued it with some washes (blue, red, brown) of my Freak Flex (made by Badger) tints – not listed there, but similar to the Minitaire Ghost Tints. They are clear, and have a slight metallic finish. I also washed Rogan’s tunic with brown, and highlighted the cloak with Ashen Blue and Ghost White. I need to fix this a bit, but I’m satisfied that I’ve pushed this part of this one mini beyond previous efforts. Best cloak ever! Too bad the pics are so blurry.

Day 7

Not much done – just using (Yellow) for the eyes and the “buttons” on the quilted tunic. I am terrible at eyes – I will need to fix the shape after. I also used Leather White on the orc teeth.

Day 8

I used Carnage Red for pupils. Used Olive Shadow mixed with medium to re-create shadows and outline the eyes that needed it.

I applied green to the bases  of the minis going on the slippers.

Put a few finishing touches on the cloak, and highlighted Rogan’s skin with Vallejo Game Color Bright Flesh.


Day 9

Final touch ups. No photos until you see the end result on the 25th.

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One thought on “Christmas traditions WIP 3

  1. […] I pulled out the light-box, and there’s a noticeable difference between these photos and the ones along the way. Eventually it would be nice to have it set up all the time. For more process photos, you can go here and here. […]

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