Frostgrave Warband

Way back in August I started a Frostgrave warband using minis I had recently received from a Harwood Hobbies Kickstarter. I finished them, and a second warband of Orcs so I could play against someone who wasn’t familiar with the game, but I never posted the final photos.

Here are a few photos of the cultists set-up in the temple I built from scratch.

Karswell is the Wizard  and the cowled Ritual Leader is the apprentice. The Axe gang makes for 4 Men at Arms/ Thugs, and the guy with the torch and machine gun is a marksman.


Karswell and his apprentice just have to be Summoners.

Here is the Orc warband as well

The big Orc pre-paint druid is the lead Witch, and the Half-Orc in the green & purple is the apprentice (and the financial backer of the expedition).

They are accompanied by 3 men-at-arms (spearmen) and 3 archers.

I’ll leave the questions about spell lists and strategy to other blogs for now, because I still haven’t played. It would be different based on a campaign game or a one-off anyway.

Incidentally, if anyone wants a how-to on building the foam storage trays, I can do that in one post pretty easily. Just comment below.


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