Christmas traditions WIP 2

If you haven’t seen the original post, go back a post (or click here) to find out more. I’m actually almost done – but painting, photographing, and then getting those photos on here takes a bit of time.

Warning: This post is picture heavy.

Day 1:
First, I started with my usual starter of Reaper Brown Liner, mixed with matte and/or airbrush medium to prime everything (except one spider, on which I used Blue Liner). Things get a nice sepia tone, and it helps pick out details and mold lines (which normally I’d remove, but I didn’t this time for the sake of speed).

Following that, I painted 3 thin coats of Red Stone Shadow as a base coat for skin.


Day 2:

I worked on skin.

A wash of Olive green, then dry-brushing Olive Skin/Olive Shadow, followed by Olive Skin/Tanned Shadow, Tanned Shadow/ Tanned Skin, and Tanned Highlight. I followed that with a Secret Weapon (SW) Flesh Wash.



Breonne Blue and Blue Liner on one,  Dusky skin and Dusky Shadow on the other.


Day 3

I finished base coating. I used SW Axe-Handle Yellow for Rogan’s quilted tunic, and for bone handles on the swords. I used Reaper Lonestar Leather and Intense Brown for leathers, and Ruddy Leather for furs, black for armor, and Rogan’s pants are Weathered Stone.

Rogan’s cloak has a base of SW Rubber Highlight. Then I shaded it with SW Rubber, and Reaper Blue Liner.




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