That didn’t go as planned: October recap

Kittens are a huuuge time suck. I can’t imagine a baby.

1- Gigi is super adorable and cuddly, unlike Moose.

2- She likes to play, and doesn’t like it if you stop. Or that you have toes, or hands. She demands your attention, and will do the quintessential cat thing of sitting on your laptop so all you can do is pet. She also gets insane when playing with catnip toys. I have the scratches to prove it.

3-Kitten has parasite and treatment consists of antibiotics, and her being babied (I’ll spare you the details) . Lots of time spent getting clawed. I’m hoping that’s finished when I go to the follow-up vet appointment.

4-Kitten has to be kept separate and slowly integrated, because she is 1/5 his size, and he is a super neurotic only cat. She doesn’t like to stay in one room, and will escape at every opportunity, meaning lots of time spent trying to get her back so he can eat in peace, or just letting them get used to each other. So far besides offending his delicate sensibilities with her play, she seems to get right up in his face and antagonizes him, or tries to eat his food. Mostly he runs and hides, though now he is starting to swat at her. It makes it difficult to do other stuff, like write, blog, paint, read, etc., when they are both out.

If anybody have suggestions on how to stop a kitten biting when disengaging doesn’t work so well I would totally appreciate it. She will probably still be a handful until she gets spayed, maybe a bit less of one after.

31 days of Halloween:

I certainly didn’t watch a movie a day. I bunched a few together, and didn’t watch what I planned. Part of that was the internet problems that required changing modems and a whole bunch of wasted tech visits. Turns out it’s probably a router problem.

In no particular order I watched:

Season 1 of Glitch – I haven’t watched the other versions of this (the Returned). I thought it was an adaptation of a comic I like. Not so much, but still an enjoyable resurrection drama.
Beyond the Walls- Not so much scary, but weird. Really enjoyed this.
Cherry Tree – The trailer was great, but it was a bit disappointing.
Baskin – Was really great for a while, the ending didn’t work great.
Jug Face – I’m discovering that I don’t like Larry Fessenden movies.
Storage 24 – Ok survival horror.
From the Dark – Bog vampire movie.
Lake Nowhere – Short. Fun. Makes me want to watch the Legend of Boggy Creek
V/H/S 2 – I particularly enjoyed the apocalypse segment. Would be good with
The Crazies – The original one. I hadn’t seen it before.
Haunter –  I liked it better than The Others.
Body – Made me feel icky.
Mexico Barbaro –  I turned it off midway. The only thing I didn’t finish
Splinter – Nice variation if you love The Thing
Doomsday – More of an action movie with gore, post apocalypse/ rage-virus.
Kiss of the Damned – This felt like a continuation of the Hunger even though the stories have nothing to relate them. Does that make it sparkly?  I dunno anymore.
Scream-Hoc erat in. Et vidi. I fruendum. It was on. I watched. I enjoyed.
Ginger Snaps – an old favourite that I picked up cheap at Suspect.
The Editor – Loved this super hard.
The Innkeepers – watched it way back without paying attention. This time caught the ending. I don’t get the love. It’s okay. Encounters of the Spooky Kind – What can I say? I love martial arts horror/comedies. I bought some more (Mr. Vampire, Chinese Ghost Story, Tsui Hark’s Vampire Hunters) at the Suspect Video closing sale.

To be honest, I spent more time listening to vintage radio plays. You can find them here, here, and here. Some of the links are dead, but most are not. Totally the thing if you’ve finished all those fiction podcasts like The Magnus Archives, Archive 81, Limetown, or The Black Tapes.

I painted my first dragon (photo later).

Real life interferes:

I hurt my arm and got instructed to minimize what I do at the computer, not to lift weights, not to drum, etc. for 4-6 weeks. I have to do physio instead of taking antiinflammatories so who knows how that will affect my NaNoWriMo. I’m doing this blog post instead of all that too.

Looking ahead…

November stuff: I’m doing NaNoWriMo. Don’t expect many updates for the rest of this month. I have a few posts that are half done, so those will go up, but maybe only quick recaps with what writing I’ve done for the week. I’m trying to juggle this with studying for my exam, and all the other stuff that life requires. I’m not writing a novel, just trying to get drafts of as many of the dozens of stories that I have either trapped in my head or in note form. Wish me luck.

2017 : My rescheduled licensing exam is in mid-February, so either I start my Women in Horror inspired mini-diorama now and post the process stuff later, or start after that’s done and risk not finishing in time. Not sure how I feel about that yet. I essentially haven’t studied for the last month, so I’m starting over. At least I know the subject, just not exactly how I’ll pull it off.


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