31 days of Horror

Lots of people have been posting lists of what they’ve been watching this month, but I’m getting a late start.

Unlike some of them, I started out by watching whatever… as long as it was something I hadn’t seen before (not really enjoyable if the main source is Netflix. Ouch). That all changed this weekend with access to Shudder.com.

When I first got Netflix, I watched this Irish film, Citadel, and it totally got to me. I’ve watched it a few times. The main character is sympathetic, though the ending is a bit of a let-down. Now I’ve discovered a number of intriguing Irish horror films that I will check out this week:
1 From the Dark – which appears to be a bog-vampire movie?
2 Wake Wood – grieving parents get to temporarily resurrect their daughter, and she comes back “wrong.”
3 Cherry Tree – from the same director as Wake Wood, a teenage girl makes a pact with a witch to save her father.

Yesterday I watched Exists, by the director of the Blair Witch, because all the reviews of The Woods/Blair Witch have persuaded me not to go anywhere near it. This is another found footage film that is totally dumb, but I enjoyed it.I haven’t seen any of the bigfoot movies out there, so maybe it’s just fresh territory.

I’ll also be watching some Italian (The Church, The City of the Living Dead) and Japanese horror (Tokyo Gore Police) and one I missed at TIFF, Baskin, from Turkey.
Come back in November when I provide the full list recite the horrors of trying to integrate a kitten to a house with a neurotic only cat.

Anyway, I’ll be limited to daytime watching, as my wife is very picky about horror, whereas I’m much more capable of watching things on my own (as long as it’s during the day).


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