September was weird

Everything takes longer because 2 days ago I got a little kitten. She’s crawling all over me and hasn’t recognized that my hands aren’t toys… and neither are my pants.

At some point I’m going to have to do a post on motivation, but let’s leave it at I was only too happy to be interrupted from my studying. The result is exam deferral.

I got a TON of books, and even did some reading for pleasure. I’m going to make a pledge now to be a bit more timely in my reviews going forward – because stuff that’s been sitting around in draft form since June/July really isn’t available anymore. And while stuff is selling out, I’d like people to have the chance to read stuff I’m enjoying if they want to without having to hunt it down on the secondary market (which gets surprisingly expensive).


New Books breakdown:

Matthew M. Bartlett  – Gateways to Abomination

Kurt Fawver – Burning Witches, Burning Angels

Caitlin R Kiernan – Silk

The Ammonite Violin

John Langan – The Fisherman (because I hear it’s great, and I want to make a story idea isn’t similar).

Philip LoPresti – Wytchcult Rising

Jon R MyersThe Black Death

Christopher Ropes – Complicity

The last of my Undertow subscription for 2016 (Years Best Vol 3)

A subscription to Dunham’s Manor for 2016/17

And a pre-order for a Caitlin R. Kiernan collection NEW! (and a damaged copy of the Best of Vol 2 because I care about reading, not resale).

I read Annihilation, and kept trying to read Knife Dance (still available in paper – and it’s the most physically beautiful book yet from Dim Shores –  but the hardcover is gone).

Signal Boosting:

Dunham’s/Dynatox preorders. Lots of good deals right now, and regular discounts by following on Facebook. Here’s a hardcover bundle for Jon Padgett.

The Dim Shores website is temporarily down, but the store is still up. You should hurry and order some stuff, because it’s going fast.

Nicole Cushing‘s The Sadist’s Bible is about halfway to its Kickstarter goal with 15 days left. I’ve heard good things so far.

Black Speculative Arts Movement conference. Now that I’m deferring my exam, I should be able to attend.

Tre Manor is running his 10th Kickstarter for miniatures. This one is more viking-like warriors and wizards.

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