Frostgrave warband WIP1

So I’ve been trying to play this tabletop wargame called Frostgrave forever, but of course, I haven’t had much time to paint minis, or worse, create scenery or terrain (though I have done a little of that on an off).

The thing that appeals to me about Frostgrave, is that it’s simple, and very customizable. You don’t need to buy specific minis so you can use what you have (though there is a line specific to the game), and it’s easy to create new scenarios. Some people have done homebrew Star Wars settings. I’m currently working on a “warband” (a wizard, apprentice, and then other hired hands) set in more modern times, based on Harwood Hobbies‘ recent Cultist’s Kickstarter because I just received my minis last week.

One of the problems tabletop gamers face, is that if you aren’t into the popular games (Warhammer, and… I dunno, because I’m not normally into wargames), it’s hard to find people to play with. Most of those games require big buy-ins, which probably is one big deterrent – people probably want to feel like they’re getting their money’s worth. And then there’s only so much time available to do everything.

The basic premise of the game is the ancient city of Frostgrave has been discovered after thousands of years, leaving all kinds of ruins to explore. The wizards and their support get to explore the ruins of the city and collect treasure. Because it’s a treasure hunt, it lends itself well to transposing the time/place to any set of ruins.

For example, a competition between Indiana Jones and Lara Croft to get as many artifacts? sure.

Good guys vs cultists (or several different cults) trying to obtain rare magical items in order to summon or stop some great evil? That’s where I’m leaning with this particular example.

Here’s the base coat for Karswell, the leader.

And here he is with the rest of his troops, just after a nice bath (to remove mold release).

harwood cultists

I’ll probably supplement these guys with a few other cultist figures I have from other companies, but they haven’t been painted either.

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