July was… not so weird

I didn’t read too much, and didn’t get too many books.

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Just Jean Claude Smith‘s – The Wrath of Concrete and Steel, which is more recent than I thought…apparently it’s in the pre-order phase, but you’ll get it in a week or so, depending how far you are. Jordan Krall also posts lots of discounts on his Facebook, and they seem to apply to Everything, which is very generous of him.

and Lorenz Peter‘s comic – The Grey Museum, which I didn’t know about until I stopped by Peter’s record store – LP’s LPs – because it’s right up the street from where I’ve been interning all month. I didn’t know this book existed when it came out in 2013, and in a past life, LP was kind enough to help me out with a school project about comics and didn’t mention this book was coming out.

And…I’m an impulse buyer when it comes to books, so I ended up with a few more over the past week.

W.H. Pugmire‘s – The Strange Dark One from Miskatonic River Press (because I found it super cheap at a gaming store).
I also got Noah Wareness‘ – Meat Heads. Apparently there’s some limited edition handcrafted ones? Most likely you will only find the ChiZine edition.  Here’s a fun riff on a classic Suicidal Tendencies song (and a few other readings from the book).

I DID attend the Chiaroscuro reading series for the first time in forever.

Chinelo Onwualu was a last minute addition, and the other authors reading were Shivaun Hoad, David Silverberg, and Sarah Tolmie. I really enjoed Hoad’s story, which  was reprinted in Imaginarium 4. Anyways, check out her beekeeping story.

I finally sat down and read the knife dance, and finished North American Lake Monsters.

I totally expected to finish reading both when I scheduled this post, but my time was (and still is) occupied by administrative things like getting my legal name on transcripts so I can apply for professional licensing. Somehow my passport has a different order of names from my birth certificate, and that’s turning out to be a HUGE hassle. I seriously recommend avoiding this.

I didn’t do any writing, but did listen to lots of the Flesh Eaters (follow the link to a live recording from 1981) because of Dim Shores‘ open call for an anthology. I hope to have something to submit, but maybe not.

I’ve also been listening to S*M*A*S*H a whole lot since the project to fund a physical copy of the documentary Flawed is Beautiful got funded. It’s the only way anyone in North America will likely ever see it. It wasn’t showing when I was in England last year, and they don’t have digital rights. Here’s a great live video from 1993.




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