Struggling to be more active

No, not physically active, I mean politically active.

First of all, if you’re suffering from fatigue from daily lived experiences, a friend shared this helpful self-care info.

After the shootings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, and the continual reinforcement of the need for Black Lives Matter and other similar groups, I’m trying to find ways as a cis white male to do more to support those actions. Because I don’t want to live in a society that doesn’t condemn and speak up about what’s been happening (notwithstanding that I live in Canada, and things here are different, though still problematic). Clearly not a large enough segment of society has been active enough, myself included.

Here are a few things I’ve gathered in case you too are looking for ways to help or get more aware.

What White People can do

And more from the past

The Black Lives Matter Canadian Syllabus has been talked about a lot. It’s not just academic sociology books. I’ve already learned a lot about local history by following some of the links. When I last checked, there wasn’t much in the list about the francophone immigrant experience, which stood out to me, because when I was in high school there was a wave a of french-speaking immigrants from Somalia. I did find something from Canadian Issues that I’m currently reading.

Conversations that white parents need to have with their children

A topical example of privilege and the games we play.

Because we like reading, Canadian children’s books by and about black people.

I probably won’t talk about politics much on this blog, but this can’t go on

I’ll probably be more quiet than normal for the next few weeks until I’ve completed my internship hours to graduate from a professional program.

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