June was weird

Here are all the books I got this month.

june blog

I haven’t read all of ’em yet. Actually just the Miskowski, and I can add it to a very small list of great bug-out stories I’ve read (along with Joe Hill‘s “You will Hear the Locust Sing” and Kafka’s the Metamorphosis).

Michael Cisco – The Knife Dance

both the hardcover (very low) and trade paperback are still available at the moment

Caitlin R Kiernan –

I got an old library copy used, because current anthologies are out of print, and Subterranean only has US rights for digital.  I’m lucky to have both the Merril Collection and Bakka Phoenix within walking distance, but sometimes it amazes me at how difficult it is to read some people’s work outside of a library. I’m hoping the other used collection I bought isn’t lost in a Canada Post lockout (yep, I support my postal workers, not top-heavy mis-management).

SP Miskowski – Stag in Flight

still in stock!

Sunny Moraine – Singing With All My Skin and Bone

DP Watt – Almost Insentient, Almost Divine


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